commercials before movie: what’s up with that?

March 1, 2006

didntialreadypayforthismovie.com – calling on all moviegoers to BOYCOTT the companies that advertise at the movies

captiveaudience.org – Say NO to TV commercials before feature films at movie theaters

nomovieads.com – movie theater lawsuit website
a class-action lawsuit against several movie theater chains that routinely push back the starting time of movies in order to show commercials to a captive audience

Eliminate TV-Like Commercials Before Movies – sign the petition to get Regal to stop it already

Stop Pre-Movie Ads! – has tips on what you can do about it


One comment

  1. Good idea. I’m not incrediblely fussed about adverts before hand; I tend to be late for the cinema anyway, and I watch the trailers online. But the thing that really annoys me is the newer adverts that go on about buying pirate copies of films. What I really hate is that I’ve bought my ticket for the film: I didn’t go out and buy a pirate copy, but I’m still being lectured about why I shouldn’t buy illegal copies. That pisses me off.

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