tip: show up at least 45 minutes early

April 17, 2006

When you do win one of these free movie contests, be sure to show up early. Read this excerpt from Poor Planning >>

I’m not sure if this is poor service, but it is certainly an example of a poor system.

My friends and I were supposed to attend a free preview of a movie this evening, at a major theater in Boston. My buddy, A, had received an e-invitation to attend, and had RSVP’d to reserve four seats. The passes that were e-mailed to her said she had a confirmed reservation for four, and noted the film would begin at 7pm. When A arrived at the theater with our passes at 6:40, they refused to seat us. Come to find out, besides the “confirmed reservation” passes (which featured our names), the film promoters had also distributed free tickets on the street.


One comment

  1. Same thing happened to my family & we were an hour early. Seems that several venders were doing the promotions plus handing out free passes to whoever walked by. On the next one we got there 90 mins early. I read my book in line while the kids wandered off. I called them when it was time to be seated.

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